Grain de Sail supports the Océanopolis Acts Endowment Fund for the preservation of the oceans

We have signed a partnership agreement with the Océanopolis Acts Foundation for the preservation of the ocean 

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Morlaix chocolate factory : discover our visit gallery and make your own chocolate bars. Activities for adults and children throughout the year!

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More and more Grain de Sail's accessories

Discover our range of Grain de Sail textile accessories made in collaboration with Les Tissages de L'Ouest

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Construction contract of cargo sailboat Grain de Sail 2 signed

Here we are! A great step forward! We have signed our construction contract for the cargo sailboat Grain de Sail 2 with Piriou and Lorima. Thanks also to L20Naval who has been supporting us for many months in this project.

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The story of our chocolates

Our artisanal chocolates ally the strength and character of the best cocoa beans from Latino America and the know-how of our chocolatiers in Brittany.

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The story of our coffees

Our pure Arabica green coffees are strictly selected by our teams. Once they arrived in Morlaix, our coffees are roasted and packed in order to develop and keep all their flavours.

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The Grain de Sail adventure was born in 2010, with the idea of sourcing coffee and chocolate from faraway corners of the world while minimizing carbon emissions. Located in Morlaix, France, the company achieved this by using a unique mode of transportation: a modern commercial sailboat that operates with minimal impact on the environment.