Our retailer

Our products are available in several French regions in large and medium-sized stores, specialized shops, gourmet food shops, or local stores. You can find our main points of sale on this map. This list is provided for informational purposes, based on the information available to us as of today. The entire range is not always available at all points of sale. If our products are not yet available at your usual stores, feel free to mention us at the store's customer service desk.

You can also find all our products in our roasting shop or at our chocolate shop in Morlaix.

If you want to save time, order our products directly from our online store and pick up your purchases wherever and whenever you want! Enjoy free shipping to relay points on orders over 49 euros.

Where to buy our products in France ?

Our chocolate factory in Morlaix Go there
Our coffee boutique in Morlaix Go there
Cette carte des principaux points de vente est donnée à titre indicatif, en fonction des informations à notre disposition à ce jour. Elles ne sont pas contractuelles et ne garantissent pas la présence de l’ensemble de la gamme. Elles ne peuvent faire l’objet d’aucune réclamation.

Morlaix chocolate factory

Come to visit our chocolate factory (boutique, gallery and bars' lab) - 7 rue du Cosquer, Vierge Noire, 29600 Morlaix.

Morlaix coffee boutique

Discover our coffee boutique 4 route du bas de la rivière 29600 Morlaix.